The benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing is not handing over control of part of your business to some external firm. NJ Accountants will work alongside you and keep you informed about your business as it progresses on a daily/monthly basis. 

Whatever the size or nature of your business, we can help you to:

Increase the profitability of your business

Increase the amount of control you have over all financial aspects of your business

Free you from as much of the hassle of routine day to day financial administration as possible

Enable you to devote a greater proportion of your management time to your mainstream business and productive work

Ensure that all key business decisions are taken with the benefit of up-to-date, relevant, understandable and timely financial information

Enable you to access that information directly from your desktop or laptop using the latest internet technology

Enable you to benefit from the additional functionality provided by the latest accounting software and hardware

Ensure that your financial function is as cost effective as possible


How it works

The source documents such as Bank statements, Cheque Book Stubs, Sales Invoices, receipts for expenses and purchase invoices received by the accounting firms are scanned and uploaded (usually as PDF files) to our secured FTP servers.


NJ Accountants staff accesses the scanned documents and start the assigned tasks which could be preparation of excel sheets for VAT returns or reconciliation or posting of entries or analysis of financial statements and so on. All these functions are performed using appropriate accounting software (such as SAGE, QuickBooks etc.). Supervisors then review the tasks and inform clients of any open items needing further clarifications / additional information. After getting the complete information the task is completed and then verified. Subsequently the completed files are uploaded on FTP server and client is informed.

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